Caribsocial Professional Community Policies

Caribsocial should represent the ideal working environment, in our opinion.

In this community, we respect one another and work to make each other successful.

We appreciate your use of Caribsocial, a network of professionals from across the world who connect to find work, remain updated, learn new skills, share relevant information, and create beneficial connections. Your post should make a positive contribution to the Caribsocial community. Below is a breakdown of what that entails in more detail. Together, let's make Caribsocial a space where everyone can learn, develop, and connect, thereby fostering economic opportunity for all.

Tell us if you see abusive content

Please let us know if you come across anything that you think might be against our policy, whether it be in a profile, a post, a message, a comment, or somewhere else. These reports support our automated defenses by assisting us in identifying and stopping abuse. Please use the reporting tools sensibly and only for the purposes for which they were designed. to find out more about how to report offensive material, conduct, or users.

Violating our community policies can result in action against your account or content

All members must adhere to these rules. Depending on the seriousness of the violation, we could label or completely remove a piece of content. Accounts will be restricted for serious or persistent offences. You can file a report if you think that any action taken in relation to your content or account was incorrect.

Learn more about how we enforce violations of our Professional Community Policies.

Be careful.

Only bring safe conversations to Caribsocial.

We do not tolerate bullying or harassment, so please do not submit offensive material. This includes disparaging remarks and harsh language directed at other members as well as targeted personal attacks and intimidation. Avoid disclosing other people's private or sensitive information (also known as "doxing") or encouraging others to do the same. You are not allowed to engage in trolling or other negative repetitious content that disturbs other users or platform conversations.

No threatening or instigating of any type of violence is permitted, nor is it encouraged. We do not permit people or organisations that participate in or encourage violent crime, property destruction, or organised crime. You are not permitted to use Caribsocial to endorse such people or organisations or to otherwise exalt violence.

Share no material that shows children being exploited; we have zero tolerance for material that shows minors being sexually exploited. Use of our site or sharing of any child exploitation content is prohibited. Use of Caribsocial for the abuse or exploitation of children is not permitted in any way. We notify the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children when we become aware of apparent child exploitation. Additionally, even though we acknowledge that there may be situations in which people share pictures of non-sexualized kid narcissism with good intentions, we typically take these pictures down owing to the risk of misuse and exploitation on the part of others.

Don't attempt to promote, sell, or buy any illegal or hazardous items or services. Content that encourages prostitution, escort services, or the purchase of unlawful or hazardous goods and/or services is not permitted. We forbid the promotion or distribution of falsified academic or professional credentials, the selling of data that has been scraped, the use of a proxy to take a test, or the sharing of instructions for forging official papers. Caribsocial cannot be used to run lotteries, competitions, sweepstakes, or giveaways. Caribsocial should not be used to sensationalise or profit from unfortunate situations.

Share no materials endorsing perilous entities or people. Terrorist groups and violent extremist organisations are not permitted on our site. Additionally, we prohibit anyone having a Caribsocial profile from being affiliated with such organisations or groups. It is not acceptable to publish material that glorifies terrorism, serves as a recruitment tool for terrorist groups, or in any other way threatens, encourages, or legitimises terrorism.

Be Trustworthy

We ask that you use your real name on Caribsocial, give correct information about your business or yourself, and only submit verifiable facts.

Share erroneous or deceptive information sparingly: Avoid disseminating information that is false, deceptive, or meant to mislead. Don't distribute anything with the intention of obstructing or unlawfully influencing an election or other civic process. Share no material that directly conflicts with recommendations made by renowned public health organisations and global health organisations, including misinformation about the efficacy or safety of immunisations or medical procedures. Unless you have included a prominent and clear disclosure of the personal benefit you receive and have otherwise complied with our Advertising Policies, do not share content or endorsing someone or something in exchange for personal benefit (including personal or family relationships, money, free goods or services, or other value).

Learn more about our false or misleading content policy.

We don't tolerate phoney entities or profiles, so please don't fabricate facts about yourself. Posting false or misleading information about you, your company, your credentials, professional background, affiliations, or accomplishments is not permitted. Use an image of yourself or another person that is similar to you as your profile photo. Don't link to a company or organisation on Caribsocial that you aren't really professionally connected to. Never use or attempt to use someone else's Caribsocial account, and never make a member profile for someone else. Additionally, keep your caribsocial account private.

Do not trick, cheat, or mislead others. Never encourage pyramid schemes, romance scams, or other forms of member fraud on Caribsocial. Share no dangerous software that endangers our users, platform, or services. We do not accept attempts at phishing.

Learn more about our scams and fraud content policies.

Be professional

The Mission of Caribsocial is to create a community where Caribbean people and their allies can meet, exchange stories, and enjoy the rich diversity of Caribbean culture. We are always trying to make our platform better and introduce new features that will make it even simpler for you to interact with other Caribbean people and stay up to date on events and news from the entire region. Caribsocial give professionals network in the Caribbean and across the world to increase their success and productivity. We permit open discussions regarding the workplace, but we demand professional expression. Members should be respectful and civil to one another in order to maintain a professional platform. Never engage in uncouth, improper, or disrespectful behaviour when interacting with individuals or sharing content.

Do not harbour hatred. We prohibit content that criticises, demeans, intimidates, dehumanises, incites, or threatens hatred, violence, or other prejudicial or discriminatory action against individuals or groups on the basis of their actual or alleged race, ethnicity, national origin, caste, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, age, or status as someone with a disability. On Caribsocial, hate groups are not tolerated. Use of racial, religious, or other epithets that encourage or promote hatred, as well as any other content meant to sow discord, is prohibited. Never publish or distribute material that disputes a well-documented historical fact, such as the Holocaust or American slavery.

Do not make unwelcome advances or use sexual innuendo. Unwanted displays of attraction, desire, requests for romantic relationships, marriage proposals, sexual advances or innuendo, or vulgar remarks are not permitted. Caribsocial is not a dating site; rather, it provides a platform for business networking. Avoid using Caribsocial to look for romantic partners, request romantic dates, or make sexual comments about someone else's looks or perceived attractiveness. Sending anyone on the platform unwelcome messages, postings, or comments, or sexually explicit photographs, is not permitted.

Share no offensive or upsetting content. Content that is overly graphic or disturbing is not permitted. This includes anything that is gratuitously graphic or sadistically depicts bodily harm or extreme physical or sexual violence. Content, actions, or occasions that encourage, plan, represent, or aid criminal behaviour are not permitted. We also prohibit anything that shows or encourages the manufacturing of weapons for personal use, drug misuse, or theft threats. Avoid participating in or promoting escort services, prostitution, child labour, or human trafficking. Share no materials or activities that encourage or condone self-harm of any kind, including eating disorders and self-mutilation. If you notice indications that a person may be contemplating self-harm,

Please use our options to report it, and think about also contacting your local law enforcement agency. Share any content that shows nudity or sexual activity privately.

Avoid spamming users or the platform. Untargeted, irrelevant, manifestly undesired, unlawful, properly commercial or promotional, gratuitously repetitious, or similar statements or content are not permitted. Please refrain from spamming individuals or sending commercial communications to strangers using our invitation tool. Please put forth the effort to produce unique, expert, pertinent, and engaging content in order to increase engagement. Don't take actions to boost content engagement artificially. Be genuine in your responses to other people's content and avoid pre-agreeing to like or share each other's posts.